Le Canal du Centre

For the pleasure of it all...

With so much natural beauty and human ingenuity open and available to locals, walkers and visitors from home or abroad, we’ve got to ask ourselves: how can we make it as accessible, attractive and interesting as possible to visit these attractions?

So with the aim of promoting and preserving both the exceptional technical engineering and the lush green surroundings, the Association for the Management, Tourism and Sport for the Hainaut Waterways (the ASBL) was founded in 1964.

The ASBL runs four different attractions: the historic Canal du Centre, the sloping lock of Ronquières, the funicular boatlift of Strépy-Thieu and the Claire-Fontaine rest and relaxation centre.  How do they do this?  They promote the sites using, for example, this website, brochures, leaflets, advertising campaigns in the media and more.  They also promote the sites by bringing in tourists, whether directly or via third parties.

And there are so many ways to bring these sites to life!  Guided tours, themed adventure trails and shows, exhibitions and cultural and sporting events, services, boat rental, mini-train excursions, multi-ticket deals for the various sites, and so much more!  Alongside the local tour operators in the Hainaut region, everything is ready to ensure that each visitor enjoys a trip that they’ll never forget.  To top it off, there are also campsites, lakeside fishing spots, sports and water-sports activities, and dining areas – where you can bring your own lunch or buy it on site – to ensure that your visit is as successful and relaxing as you could possibly wish for.

But of course, nothing is set in stone.  There are always new projects, ideas and developments to make your visit to the Hainaut waterways even more enjoyable…

So welcome aboard!


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